Wow 2017! You were amazing...

New Year, New Gear, New Zealand, 

A deer best man, a flash-mob floor filler, Mr Bean, a water fight - a tug o’ war, a Shotgun !!  The light and the night... sunshine, sunscreen, epic shoes, a selfie or two, a few laughs, a few tears… but all were filled with joy..!  Thank you for the wonderful memories everyone.

Sidhrah & Hussain's two-day Wedding Epic

Crisp bright daylight, warm evening twilight, atmospheric nighttime candle-light, and then day-two...  Vivid colour - golds, reds, blues and greens Sidhrah and Hussain's wedding days were a stunning feast for my eyes... and lens... Here we go!

Springkell Mehndi Wedding Photographer

Lets Selfie !

2017 was a wonderful year, and I had a lot of fun...

Yes, Lisa was my first unicorn bride !  And yes - that is a Fez !  And yes... that sunglasses idea worked better than I expected !  
And oh yes - there were leeches in that water !!

Helen & Grant's Argrennan and Haugh of Urr Church Wedding

Just wow... all day, that's all I could say!!

argrennan wedding photographer

Sophie & Jonathan's beautiful Errol Park Wedding

Shake up a squirrel, bake a cake, Super day - Super glue, take a selfie - one or two, fairy lights and the bagpipes ...a cheeky dance ...a few cocktails, tears in Dad's eyes and more than one surprise...

Errol Park Wedding Photographer

Becci & Kuran's Lookout Lodge Wedding in Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka Wedding Photography | Wanaka Wedding Photographer | Lookout Lodge Wedding

An epic start to the year with Kuran and Becci's Wedding at the Lookout Lodge, Wanaka.  New Zealand - the height of Summer, with a dusting of snow over the Southern Alps... it doesn't get any better.  I'll never forget such a wonderful experience, days like this are forever etched on my memory and woven into my heart.

Wanaka Wedding Photography

Thank you for having me along to photograph your day guys - an unforgettable experience, in an unforgettable place - here you are...

Claire and Duncan's stunning day at Armathwaite Hall

A beautiful day in the Lake District with one of the most fun wedding parties I've ever had the pleasure to spend the day with..!!

Armathwaite Hall Wedding Photographer

This has been 2016...

This has been 2016... and it's been an inspiration!

A sensational year of weddings, I was so lucky to photograph so many wonderful people - make new friends and catch up with old ones... 

The year also featured... a werewolf, crystal skull x2, Kelpies, tipis, fireworks and bumblebees, severed heads (!), penguins, pelicans; brides and hebrides (oh yeah...), The First Minister, and cucumber! Cucumber!?  What a year...

Laura & Steven's Tipi Wedding Extravaganza

Tipi Wedding | Tipi Wedding Photography | Borders Wedding Photography | Duncan Ireland Photography


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