A little D&G Life

I'm very proud to have two fantastic weddings featured in recent issues of Dumfries & Galloway Life Magazine...

Darryl & Jordan's Day of Two Churches

Maxwelton Chapel and Dumfries Crichton Church Wedding | Dumfries Wedding Photography
Dumfries Crichton Wedding Photography Dumfries Crichton Church Crypt

Rosi and Joe's Stunning Lake District Wedding Photography on Lake Ullswater

Lake District Wedding | Ullswater Wedding Lake District | Inn on the Lake Wedding

Inn on the Lake Wedding Photography Lake District Wedding

Agonising Beauty... Don't choose your wedding shoes, until you've read this!

I might seem an unusual source of advice on shoes - but I've seen it all...

Here's how to avoid blisters, keep cramps at bay, stay comfy and generally rock your shoes on your wedding day.

Megan & Alisdair's Cornhill Castle Wedding Photography

Cornhill Castle Wedding | Scottish Castle Wedding | Duncan Ireland Photography

Cornhill Castle Wedding Photography Scotland Wedding Photographer

Cool tones of Winter gave way to the mellow warmth of Spring... my first wedding of the new season, and Megan & Alisdair sure put a spring in my step - a beautiful day with a gorgeous couple - thank you guys, your day was wonderful to be part of.

No need for wedding stress

How not to stress on your wedding day ~ boys, I'm looking at you...

It’s not something we like to admit - but we can all get nervous - even (especially) the biggest, toughest grooms out there - it’s normal and to be expected!  But it’s not much fun, so here’s some tips to put your mind at ease.

Here’s the thing about wedding albums…

You know that question about running into a burning building - what would you save..?

How many times is the answer ~ "the treasured family photographs".

Well heck, it’s the 21st century - we have the cloud now!! - But, here's why your wedding album should still be an essential consideration…

Digital images are great - they're convenient and you can share them the world over.  But the romance of holding a printed image in your hands - the luxurious feel of a handcrafted wedding album is an altogether more personal and permanent experience.  

Your album is unique, not a thing just anyone can buy off the shelf - it’s a collection of memories - culminating from all the decisions you made for your perfect day.  It's a tactile experience that brings your images to life.

Hold those memories in your hand and re-live your day time after time - and over time you’ll find that you’re holding not just a collection of photographs, but your most personal family heirloom.

Rheanne & Jeffrey's day in the snow on a perfect Winter's day

Yes I shed a little tear... and I was in good company - this was a day where a little tear was definitely appropriate...  

What's in the box..?

Just like Brad, everyone is asking... "What's in the Box..?"

Well... if I'm photographing your wedding this year - you're going to find out...  Yes, this is my new Duncan Ireland Photography delivery box, in which you'll receive your wedding photographs... 

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